About Us

Vicar -  Position vacant at present

Churchwarden - Dr Christopher Dullage

tel : 01298 84220 email: churchwarden@hartingtonchurch.org

PCC Secretary - Mrs Sarah Lacey

tel : 01298 84319 

Safeguarding Officer - Mrs Dorothy Hawton 

tel : 01298 84256 email: dorothyhawton@gmail.com

Treasurer - Mrs Debbie King

tel : 01335 390059

Website administrator - Phillip Neal email: onlinehelp@hartingtonchurch.org

Hartington Church Parochial Church Council  

Mrs Dorothy Hawton

Mrs Liz Hitch

Mrs Debbie King 

Mrs. Sarah Lacey

Mrs Liz Broomhead MBE

Mrs June Dean

Mr John Dean

Mr Graham Kirkham

Mr Adrian Crowe

Dr Christopher Dullage

Our Churchyard and Burials

The Churchyard was closed for new burials some years ago. The adjacent graveyard is managed by the Civil Parish of Hartington Town Quarter but as there is limited space, burials and interment of ashes are limited to those who lived within the Parish of Hartington Town Quarter. Should you need to make arrangements for a burial please contact the Civil Parish Council Clerk

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