About Us

Vicar -  Position vacant at present

tel : 

Churchwarden - Dr Christopher Dullage

tel : 01298 84220

PCC Secretary and Safeguarding Officer - Mrs Sarah Lacey

tel : 01298 84319


Treasurer - Mrs Debbie King

tel : 01335 390059

Hartington Church Parochial Church Council  

Mrs Dorothy Hawton

Mrs Liz Hitch

Mrs Debbie King 

Mrs. Sarah Lacey

Mrs Liz Broomhead MBE

Mrs June Dean

Mr John Dean

Mr Graham Kirkham

Dr Christopher Dullage

Parochial Church Council Meetings and other events

All PCC meetings have been cancelled and the Church AGM postponed until October to comply with advice on Covid 19. These decisions will be reviewed in the light of changing advice from both Government and The Church of England.