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Baptisms and Christenings

We like to welcome everyone to our Church here in Hartington and if you are considering a request for a baptism/christening at St. Giles, these are a few notes which we hope you and your guests will find helpful in understanding what will happen at the service and ensuring that you all enjoy this important occasion.

The service of Baptism

The service is not just a naming ceremony. It is often known as a Christening which gives a clue as to what it is about. The service is actually a baptism which involves welcoming a person into the Christian family. As babies and children are too young to make commitments themselves, this is undertaken by parents and God parents who make formal promises on their behalf in expectation that they will confirm these promises as teenagers or young adults. Baptisms are usually performed within a normal Sunday service as the regular congregation are there to welcome the new member into the Christian Church.

The Promises

Within the service parents and God parents will be asked to make solemn promises in front of the congregation to ensure that the child is brought up in the Christian faith. Such promises can include: -

“I turn to Christ” .“ I promise to follow him forever. “ I believe and trust in God “

Please think carefully about whether you and your chosen God parents are happy to make these promises on your own behalf and on behalf of the child being baptised.

The service 

We understand that not all of your guests may be regular attenders at Church and some may have no faith at all but we do ask that everybody shows due respect and consideration to the other members of the congregation by following these simple guidelines : -

Please do not be late.

Please switch off mobile phones, digital watches and other electronic devices which might make noise during the service.

 Please do not talk during the prayers

Do join in with the hymns if you know them (we will ask you to choose the hymns which you think that will be appropriate and known by you and your guests)

Don’t worry if your children make a noise or feel the need to run about. You may want to bring some activity to keep them entertained but we hope that the service will be accessible to all ages.

Our Churchyard and Burials

The Churchyard was closed for new burials some years ago. The adjacent graveyard is managed by the Civil Parish of Hartington Town Quarter but as there is limited space, burials and interment of ashes are limited to those who lived within the Parish of Hartington Town Quarter. Should you need to make arrangements for a burial please contact the Civil Parish Council Clerk

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